Research projects

Below we list research projects lead by our researchers, and funded by major national funding bodies.

Dynamic relations between cardiovascular, social and behaviourial risk factors of cognitive ageing (VR, 2023-2026)

Machine learning to study causality with big datasets: towards methods yielding valid statistical conclusions (Wallenberg Foundation, 2022-2026)

Methodological development for estimating marginal causal effects of non-randomized treatments on time-to-event outcomes (VR, 2019 - 2022)

Uncovering the mechanisms behind socioeconomic inequalities in stroke care and outcome through innovative statistical methods for mediation analysis (FORTE, 2019-2021, VR, 2019-2022)

Innovative statistical methods for optimal use of large-scale register data in studies of causal pathways (Wallenberg, 2017-2020)

Statistical models and methods to study life trajectories in the labour market and health domains (VR, 2017-2021)

Statistical methods to study causal effects with population based registers (VR, 2017-2022)

Attrition and Generalizability of Cognitive Aging Studies - A Population-Based Perspective (RJ, 2018-2020)

Methods for non-ignorable missingness in longitudinal brain imaging studies (RJ, 2017-2019)

Projects in which we collaborate:

Innovative machine learning methods for comparison of predictions and outcomes in register data (VR, 2023-2026)

Robots with Causal Capabilities (VR, 2023-2026)

Physical, psychological and socioeconomic effects of childhood onset diabetes in Sweden – longitudinal register-based studies (VR, 2018-22)

When and where is it possible for young workers to escape from low-wage jobs? The role of the organizational and regional context for upward wage mobility (VR, 2018-20)

Refugee immigration and change in the Swedish labour market - which is the role of the municipalities? (FORTE, 2017-19)

Effects of adult education of laid-off workers on enrolment in higher education, employment, and incomes (VR, 2016-18)

The Umeå SIMSAM Lab - Infrastructure for Microdata Research from Childhood into Lifelong Health and Welfare (RJ infrastructure, 2016-18)

Swedish interdisciplinary graduate school in register-based research (VR, 2014-18)

Paths to healthy and active ageing (FORTE program, 2014-18)

Older project:

Measuring health and health care performance (VR, 2012-16)

Longitudinal studies of cognitive aging: Multivariate and fMRI outcomes with non-ignorable dropout (VR, 2012-17)

Statistical methods for analyzing marginal causal effects in matched and unmatched case control study designs (RJ, 2012-14)

EqualStroke: Inequalities in Swedish stroke care with respect to socioeconomic status, country of birth, sex and age (VR, FORTE)