Benchmarking hospital performance

RiskStandard: This R-package implements statistical methods for benchmarking hospital performance based on a binary quality indicator such as 30-day mortality. Logistic regression with direct or indirect standardization of risks is used to adjust for differences in patient case-mix.

ROC webtool: In this Excel-based webtool, the user can insert relevant hospital risks (e.g. the standardized risks from the previous year), select a benchmark (a clinically relevant deviation) and a statistical confidence level. The theoretical sensitivities and specificities that result from different scenarios are then calculated and summarized through ROC curves.


Varewyck M, Goetghebeur E, Eriksson M, Vansteelandt S. On shrinkage and model extrapolation in the evaluation of clinical center performance. Biostatistics. 2014;15(4):651-64.