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We are organizing two invited sesssions "Causal inference with machine learning" and "Causal mediation analysis" at the 14th CMStatistics 2021 meeting, 18-20 December at King's College London.

We are organizing an invited session on "Causal inference and register data" at the 8th Nordic-Baltic Biometrics Virtual Conference (Helsinki), June 7-10, 2021.

Open reseach assistant position (5 months): announcement (in Swedish)

Several Postdoc (2-year) and PhD student positions (4-year) at the Department of Statistics, USBE, Umeå University. Details on the positions and how to apply here: postdoc - PhD program

NBBC 2021: We are organizing an invited session on "Causal inference and register data" at the 8th Nordic-Baltic Biometrics Virtual Conference (Helsinki), June 7-10, 2021. Three speakers have been invited to present their work: Dylan Small (Univ Pennsylvania), Erin Gabriel (Karonlinska Inst) and Juha Karvanen (Univ Jyväskylä).

Conference: Stat4Reg researchers are organizing three invited sessions at the Virtual CMStatistics, December 2020. Session EO636: Advances in causal survival analysis, session EO083: Causal inference and graphical models and session EO528: Topics in causal inference: Selection bias and sensitivity analysis. More information can be found here.

PhD student position -causal mediation analysis: We are now opening a fully funded PhD position. Apply before 20 May 2020. For more details on the research projects and how to apply follow the link here

Conference: Stat4Reg members organized two invited sessions and gave four talks at the CMStatistics meeting in London, December 2019; on topics related to machine learning for causal inference and missing data problems. See program.

Sports: Stat4Reg team participating at the brännboll "World Championship" for the third year in a row: picture!

Seminar: Gentle introduction to mediation analysis given to researchers working with register data at the Umeå SIMSAM Lab. Slides here.

Job: We are looking for a programmer (C++, Python, parallel programming, etc) to work with our researchers at implementing novel machine learning methods, starting September 1 2019. See announcement (in Swedish) .

PhD defence: Tetiana Gorbach will defend her thesis "Methods for longitudinal brain imaging studies with dropout" on Februari 22, 2019. Opponent: Martin Lindquist, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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