Free software developped at Stat4Reg

See also Stat4Reg github:

Covariate selection in causal inference:

CovSel and CovSelHigh: Model-free covariate selection (R-package)

Benchmarking hospital performance:

RiskStandard (R-package) and ROC webtool

Semi-parametric estimators of truncated regression models:

truncSP (R-package)

Sensitivity analysis for mediation effects:

sensmediation (R-package)

Inference with (a) non-ignorable missing data, and (b) for causal parameters with unobserved confounders:

ui (R-package)

Semiparametric Sufficient Dimenstion Reduction (SDR) for causal inference

SDRcausal (R-package)

Deep Neural Networks (DNN) for causal inference

DNNcausal (R-package)